Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Apprenticeship Begins.

Today is the first day in my quest to change to a vegan diet.

I have been a vegetarian for nearly 5 years.  And honestly, changing to a vegetarian diet was so easy!  I have occasionally missed gelatine (oh marshmallows how I used to love your squishy sweetness).  But I really have not missed other products that animals have had to die to produce.

For quite some time now my conscience has been nudging me towards veganism.  But convenience and taste buds have been bitterly opposing.

Last night I watched the "Farm to Fridge"  - thanks to my meat-eating mum posting it on facebook.  And teary eyed and feeling terribly guilty about the cows who have suffered to feed my dairy addition, I decided it was time to make real commitment.  And so my vegan apprenticeship starts today!

Certainly I am against animal suffering.  But my main reason for wanting to go Vegan is environmental.  The dairy industry has an enormous ecological footprint.  More on that in future blogs.

So my challenge is to cut out dairy.   One day at a time.  And I do mean 1 day at a time because right now more than one day dairy free seems daunting.  I know - I am a wuss!

Step 1 - one dairy free day per week.  If you knew how much I loved my cups of white tea you would know how hard this is going to be for me.  No, soy milk is just not the same.

And I will start to try out new vegan recipes, both sweet and savory.  I will aim to try at least one new vegan recipe per week.  I plan to post recipes,  nutritional info and my veganification experiences here.  Posts about other issues I will continue to post on my regular blog:  Mandy's Musings.

Well, now I am off to the supermarket to buy some soya milk.


Sarah said...

Have you tried other nondairy milks. I don't mind soy milk in coffee but am not a fan at all in tea. Almond milk is not bad but oat milk turned out to be my favourite.

Mandy Gardener said...

I have tried a few others. David had made yummy almond milk. Have not tried oat milk yet - putting it on my shopping list now! Thanks for the tip.
I have grown to like soy milk in tea - my favourite is So Good lite in tea.

sue15cat said...

I've just found you via another Blog and have gone right back to the beginning to read your travels towards veganism as this is something I am seriously considering.

I'll comment again when I've read a few more.

Well done on your decision. I'm full of admiration for anyone that steps onto this path, whether you complete it or not (no doubt I'll find out later) at least you have tried and at least lessened the load on our poor planet.

Sue xx

Mandy Gardener said...

Hi Sue,
Hope you find the blog helpful. I have not been as writing as many posts about my experiences and progress towards veganism lately. However I am planning to do so in October as part of Vegan MoFo.

I love your "Our New Life in the Country" blog and I am sure I will pick up plenty of gardening tips and inspiration.