Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I will have mine with Soy Milk thanks!

Hooray!  It is official.  I now like my tea better with Soy milk than with cows milk.

I have been drinking tea with soy milk when at home for the last 3 weeks as part of my vegan apprenticeship.  My taste buds protested for only a couple of days, then became apathetic, and now are enthusiastic converts!

But I have still been drinking my tea with regular milk while away from home.  Today I am at uni and ordered myself a cup of tea.  I didn't even think about stipulating what kind of milk I wanted.  Now here I am sipping tea with cows milk and not really enjoying it.

Just goes to show how adaptable we are.  For anyone else out there who has ever thought of making a change in their diet, I would say "Give it a Go".   You just might surprise yourself!  Whether it is to reduce salt, or sugar, or to go dairy free, I am convinced that you will not only adjust but come to love your new and healthier diet. 

In other news my one day per week of strict veganism is going really well.  I have changed my vegan day to Monday as it suits better with other things I am doing.  Yesterday was a breeze!  I even tried vegan chocolate and really liked it.

My next challenge:  adjusting to soy milk with cereal.  So far I love it with porridge but haven't quite come to love it with cereal.  But I am sure it won't take long!


Brett said...

I found soy milk in tea easy to like. I adjusted easily to soy milk in my cereal (muesli) though haven't tried it with porridge. The hardest thing for me was soy milk in coffee. I really didn't like it much at first. But after strictly doing so for the last 3 weeks or so it has become really normal for me. I agree that this is something to which we can adapt!

I still put cow milk in my tea at work, as no one else drinks soy milk there, and I think if I got soy milk for the work fridges, it would expire well before it got finished, which would be a waste.

Mandy Gardener said...

I have been surprised at how quickly my taste buds have adapted. Cereal with milk = tick (except for Special K - that was a bad combo but I can easily live without Special K).

I am doing the same thing re: cows milk at work at the moment. And if I am at someone's house who does not have soy milk (actually if I am pretty sure they won't have it I just don't ask). But I find I don't enjoy my tea as much.