Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My New Toy

Today I bought myself a set of kitchen weighing scales.  Aren't they just so beautiful and shiny?

I have never had kitchen scales before, so when recipes have called for Xgm of an ingredient I have always had to guess or find some way to convert it to something simpler - like cups.  This has been a much easier task in recent years with so many internet sites to do the conversions for me.

Now I know that kitchen scales might not sound very exciting, but I have been having a ball.  Weighing, measuring, calculating and planning.  I have been getting the nutritional data from this site: Self Nutrition Data

So you can look forward to all kinds of interesting stats appearing in future posts.  At the moment I am pretty focused on protein content.  Not because I think you need to struggle to get sufficient protein on a vegan diet, but rather to show how easy it is.

Here they are with a nice dusting of flour after being used today.

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