There are a few vegan recipes on my blog and I plan on adding more.

Below are links to some fantastic web sites with loads of amazing vegan recipes and meal ideas.  As I find more sites with great Vegan recipes I will post the links here.  

I love Isa Chandra Moskowitz!  She is my new hero.  Recipes for all my favourite foods, and for new foods that I didn't even know were my favourites!

And best of all, most of her recipes are pretty down to earth ie I have heard of all/most of the ingredients before.  Not like those fancy recipes where you are left feeling silly and ignorant.

Recipes galore and lots of discussion forums.
They even have a "Non-Food Recipes".  What? From candles to car cleaners to toothpaste!

Lots and lots of recipes.  Can't wait to try baking the Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce.

"The Magazine for Vegan Family Living"
Lots of recipes that sound great but not all of the recipes have photos :(
I am much more inclined to try a recipe if I can see an example of the finished product.

Exactly what it says - and more!  Delicious cupcakes for any occasion.