Ethics and Lifestyle

As I come across helpful websites, videos etc I will post them here.

Farm to Fridge Video
The kick that finally got me started on my vegan apprenticeship!   My mum posted a link to this video on facebook and so began my vegan conversion.  I can't look at milk now without thinking of a very young calf being violently dragged away from its distressed and bellowing mother.

Warning: you may not want to watch this video with small children or immediately after eating a meal containing animal products.  Also, if you are anything like me you may need to have the tissue box handy.

Vegan Society
The earliest Vegan organisation.   Launched in 1944 and still going strong.  The founder, Donald Watson, probably coined the term vegan to refer to non-dairy vegetarians.

Vegan Outreach
"Vegan Outreach works to expose and end cruelty to animals through the distribution of our advocacy booklets."

The Story of Stuff
Ok, so the Story of Stuff is not actually about veganism but I think that the information and principles is so important that everyone should be informed about this.  Also, as my primary reason for eliminating animal products is environmental, the Story of Stuff is directly related to my veganification.

Vibrant Vegan
"VibrantVegan |ˈvībrənt vēgən|: An ebullient example of supreme health and fitness. A strong, fit, caring, compassionate, enthusiastic person who deliberately chooses to live a joyful, exuberant, vibrantly healthy, plant-powered life!"