Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 Day Blog September

During September I am going to try to blog everyday.   Actually, no, I am going to blog everyday.

Thanks to Daniel of Good Reason Blog for the inspiration and the cool graphic which of course makes it official!

So, to make it manageable for myself, I am going to blog what I have for dinner for the next 30 nights.  Now if anyone asks you "But what do vegans eat?" you can just point them in this direction.  I am sure you will find this very handy because of course you get asked that all the time.  Or is that just me that gets asked that?

I also plan to blog a little more than just a blow by blow account of a month of dinners.  In particular I want to spend some time blogging about my experiences as an apprentice vegan so far.  And I will make a few more posts on my reading journal blog and my hodge-podge-&-have-a-rant blog. 

But at least on the days when I am lacking in spare time, inspiration or both I will still be able to write a quick blog à la "For dinner tonight I had ......" and so keep up with the challenge of 30 Day Blog September.

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