Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 21 - Curry in a Hurry

Lovely left-overs for dinner last night.  It was even yummier than the first night.  But I didn't take a photo.  Left-overs in the fridge make life so much easier.  A couple of minutes in the microwave and dinner is sorted.  

Right now it is time to get dinner ready for tonight but I just can't be bothered.  I know I should go and make us a healthy dinner.  Earlier today I had been planning to make something nice for dinner - right now I am over that plan.  There are plenty of veggies and some simple vegan convenience foods in the fridge/freezer.  Most of the time I enjoy preparing food, even if it is just a quick and simple dinner.  But today lethargy is taking over.  I know that if I get up off this chair I could make us something yummy and healthy.  But I don't feel like something yummy and healthy.  I feel like eating doughnuts.  Or chocolate.  Or cake.  Or all three.  And I am wondering why I didn't make two Orange and Poppy Seed cakes a few days ago so we would still have some left to eat now.  Dreadful isn't it?

It is even more dreadful because I went to the dentist today and I had to have a filling.  Ok, so I had to have 2 fillings.  Just what would the dentist think of me if she knew I would prefer to eat chocolate pudding than vegetables for dinner tonight?  Maybe she wouldn't be that surprised, after all, she did get a good look at my sweet tooth today.

Well that is quite enough wallowing and whinging.  Time to act like a grownup and get on with it. 

I really admire all those mums out there who make dinner every night for their kids.  When I feel like this it is no big deal if I don't make dinner.  Dear husband is perfectly capable of getting himself something to eat.  And if won't kill me to eat peanut butter on toast for dinner.  But if I had couple of kids around I suppose I would have to make dinner.  How do mums do it?  Night after night?  Hip hip hooray for all the mums, and dads, who made dinner tonight!

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Sarah said...

I made the curry last weekend and have been enjoying leftovers all week - and they do taste even better! Thanks for the recommendation.