Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 13 - Easy Vegan? Beans on Toast!

Busy day?  Home late?  Want to avoid the expense, excess calories and environmental impact of take-away food?  Well then how about beans on toast for dinner?  I guarantee that your dinner will be on the table much quicker than any take-away or home-delivery option.

My husband asked incredulously "Are you taking a photo of beans on toast?"

A vegan diet does not have to be difficult or time consuming as you can see from my 30 day Blog September so far.  This is quite a well balanced meal as long as you use a multigrain or wholemeal bread.  It provides a good serve of protein and fibre and provides some iron.  I am not suggesting you have beans on toast for dinner every night, but it can certainly be a regular feature of a healthy menu plan.

I have never made baked beans from scratch but intend to try it one day soon.  So if you have a great  recipe I would love to hear it.  There is a recipe in Veganomicon that looks good.  Has anyone tried it?

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