Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 22 - Bangers, Mash, Onions and Veggies

After all that whinging and whining last night about making dinner I feel a bit silly blogging about what I made when I finally got to it.  Funny how once you actually get off your lazy butt the task becomes so much more manageable then when you are sitting around moaning about it.

Dinner took me 17 minutes from start to the plate (yes I timed it).  The potatoes took the longest.  I don't peel potatoes, which saves time and increases nutritional value.   Last night I cut them up very small so they would boil quicker.  Mashed up with a dash of Vitasoy (soy milk), a blob of Nuttelex (margarine), a sprinkling of salt and a dousing in gravy = yummy.  Mashed potato is such a great comfort food. 

Dear husband cooked dinner tonight and it was delicious.  But you will have to wait until tomorrow to see what he made.

I need a cool blog name for my dear husband.  All the cool bloggers have cool code names for their partner.  I can't keep calling him dear husband, that just doesn't sound cool enough at all.  I have never been very good at "cool".  Daggy and nerdy maybe.  Cool - not so much.  So I am open to suggestions (from those of you who know my dear husband, and even from those of you who don't) about what to call dear husband in my personal blog land. After all, if he is going to make an appearance as the chef in tomorrow's blog, surely he deserves his own special cool name.

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