Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 2: Bangers and Mash - Vegan Style!

Friday nights I get home from work after 7pm feeling tired and hungry.  So Friday night dinner needs to be quick and satisfying. 

Enter......  Convenience food!

I am sure baked beans on toast will make an appearance sometime this month, but last night it was Sanitarium vegie sausages.  There is a range of flavors but in my opinion the Rosemary, Sage and Parsley are pretty darn yummy.

If sausages (or their vegan equivalent) are not cooked on a barbeque they really should be accompanied by mash.  Mmmm creamy, tasty mash.

And what would bangers and mash be without gravy?  More convenience in the form of instant gravy.

Dinner took about 15 minutes from start to the table.  I chopped the potato and sweet potato very small so that they would cook quicker as they take the longest.  The other veggies took only a minute or two to chop and were cooked in the microwave.

I have hair-brained dreams of doing away with my microwave and go all purist-like and avoiding all packet foods with their artificial ingredients and planet un-friendly packaging.

But for now - convenience is a pretty high priority.  And as this dinner was quick, cheap and ticked all the boxes for variety of colourful veggies and protein content - I have no complaints. 


Sarah said...

That plate of veggies looks beautiful! Just out of interest, what vegan instant gravy are you using?

Mandy Gardener said...

Thanks Sarah.
Gravy is "Bisto. Favourite Gravy Granules". I thought it was "Bistro" until I checked the label to answer your question. :)

Most of the "make in a pot" gravies are vegan friendly, but that takes longer and dirties another pot! Lots of the instant gravy mixes have milk products in them (as a thickener I think??) but Bisto doesn't.

Sarah said...

That's funny, I've never used instant gravy and I just assumed it was basically powdered meat stock with some sort of thickener.

sue15cat said...

I too, thought that this gravy had some meat products in it and have been avoiding it. But you are absolutely right it's completely vegetarian it says so on the pack.

Yummy, gravy on my pies from now on, I used to love this and have missed having it for this past year.

Thank you.

Sue xx

Mandy Gardener said...

Hi Sue,
Hope you enjoy your pie with gravy!
I love gravy - must be my British heritage. Some meals just aren't complete without lashings of gravy, leaving plenty on the plate to mop up with bread at the end! :)