Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 7 - Super Soup

Q: So what was so super about last nights soup?
A: It came out of my freezer, was healthy and tasted delicious.

When I make soup I always make a BIG pot.  Partly out of habit - I come from a big family and started helping out with cooking from a pretty young age.  And partly by design - so that we can have left-overs for the next couple of days (lunch and/or dinner) and still have some to freeze.

"Much, much better than any canned soup" according to dear husband.

I took the container out of the freezer in the morning to let it defrost.  And then, hey presto, 5 minutes in the microwave (in the bowls I served it in) and dinner was ready.

From memory this soup had a few kinds of lentils and beans, onion, garlic, mushrooms, veggies, stock, whatever herbs I felt like adding at the time, a little splash of Worcester sauce and a good splash of white wine.  I sometimes like to follow recipes when making soup, but this is the kind of soup that comes together without any measuring.  It is the kind of soup where you can throw in any tired looking veggies from the bottom drawer of your fridge they will be happy.   And that makes me very happy. 

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