Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 3 - Stuffed Capsicum

Last night I had dinner at mum's house for an early Father's Day get together.  Mum cooked up a big feast for our ever-growing family.  Roast pork was on the menu for the rest of the clan but mum very kindly made stuffed capsicum for me. 

That hand belongs to my nephew who was "helping" me take the photo.
 Dessert was Berry Bliss.  Yum!!  There was cream for those who wanted it.  Judging by the amount smeared on their faces, some of the nieces and nephews found it as useful as a cosmetic as for eating.  The fruit was so delicious I don't think it needed any adornment.

Thanks mum for accommodating your vegan apprentice daughter.  You're the best! xxx

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