Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 14 - Falafel Kebabs

Last nights dinner was Falafel Kebabs.  Dear husband said (with food in his mouth) "This is the best kebab I have ever eaten."  He exaggerates I am sure, but they were pretty darn tasty!

I added the lettuce after the photo otherwise it would have hidden the other stuff.
Inside was hummus (left over from the bread and dip nights), avocado, tomato, grated carrot, plenty of parsley, fried onions and mushrooms and of course felafel.  I used a box of felafel mix.  It is very easy and quick.  Just mix with water, let it stand for 15 minutes, and then fry blobs of it in oil.  When I make veggie burgers I like to get the shape "just so".  But when I make falafel I make blobs.

I bought a lovely bunch of parsley on my lunch break from the fantastic new fruit and veg shop next to my work.  I had good intentions of making tabbouleh.  By dinner time these good intentions had evaporated.  But I am happy to tell you that just adding plenty of fresh parsley had a very similar effect on flavour.  You could also add any kind of sauce or relish that took your fancy.  I have added a squirt of sweet chilli sauce in the past but didn't feel like it last night.

I spent a bit of time googling the meaning of the word "kebab" before typing this.  We (as in my husband and I) have always just said "kebab" when we mean something rolled up like this.  And we know what we mean.  But we might also say "How bout veggie kebabs for dinner?" in which case we would be talking about impaling a variety of things on sticks, basting them in some yummy sauce and cooking them on a barbeque or under a grill.  It seems the word "kebab" probably just means roasted meat - so neither of the meals we use it for would really qualify. 

We have decided that we are going to call these "gyros"  from now on because it is just as correct (or incorrect depending on how you look at it) and it more importantly, it sounds funnier!

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