Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 16 - Tempeh Burgers and Salad

I am loving this new little fruit and veggie shop next to my work.   It is more that just fruit and veg.  It sells all sorts of other stuff too, including quite a good range of tofu and tempeh products, mostly locally sourced. 

Yesterday I found Tallyho Farm Ready to Eat Soy Burgers made right here in Western Australia!!!!!  Why so many exclamation points?  Because dear husband and I love these burgers and we used to eat them regularly pre-moving-to-NZ-in-2005.  But I had forgotten all about them and had not even looked for them in stores since we returned to Perth last year.

So yesterday when I saw them staring at me in the F&V store I got very excited.  So excited in fact that I thought I would be able to eat 2 of them for dinner.  But no, these burgers are pretty filling, and one was quite enough for dinner.  That means I get to have the left over one in a sandwich for lunch.  Hooray!

The burgers are made of Tempeh which is basically fermented soy.  Tempeh has a wonderfully firm and juicy texture and it tastes fantastic.  Even meat eaters who turn their noses up at Tofu in its various presentations will often enjoy Tempeh.  And if you have found that Tofu doesn't agree with your digestion (to put it politely) you may find Tempeh suitable for you as the fermentation process renders the carbohydrates more digestible.

If you have never tried Tempeh you don't know what you are missing out on.  I hope you can find some yummy tempeh products in your local store so that you too can revel in its juicy goodness too.

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